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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 1: Charting

If you are transitioning from paper charts or from another software, you can download or scan and upload charts by using the File upload feature.

To do so create a chart item that contains the file upload options. Go to Charting > Chart settings > For the clinic account or For my personal account:

Note: You can create chart items for your personal account by going to ‘For my personal account’ or, if you are the clinic manager, you can create chart items that are available to everyone in the clinic by going to ‘For the clinic account’.

Then click New chart item: 


Give your chart item a name such as 'File upload':


Click New item > New question:



Name the question something like 'File upload' and then select the question type to be File upload:


Click Submit. You now have your File upload chart item!


Please note: Each file upload can be up to 5MB. A chart entry can have multiple file uploads.

The final step is to create a template. Normally chart templates have multiple items, but in the case of uploading past paper charts, your template will only need one item - the file upload. 

To create a template go to Templates and click New 

Give your template a name such as 'File upload':

Click Add a chart item and add your 'File upload' chart item to the template:



You now have your 'File upload' template and can start importing past paper charts. 

Please note: You can use the 'File upload' template for other purposes such as adding an imaging report or other paper work to your patients charting section.

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