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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 1: Charting

When you start a new chart entry, it will be in draft mode. The entry will not be visible to your patient even if you set its visibility to "Visible to patient".

When you have added and completed all the chart items to your chart entry, you can Sign it. Signing a chart entry have the following effects:

  • It will delete all the chart items in the chart entry that have not been completed;
  • It will prevent you from making any modifications to the chart entry;
  • You can still revert the chart back to draft mode within 7 days of signing the entry.

To sign the chart entry, from the chart entry page, simply click on the Sign button:

This will prompt you for a confirmation. Once accepted, the chart entry will be marked as signed.

If the chart entry was signed less than 7 days ago, you can still revert it back to draft mode by clicking on the Revert to draft link.

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