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Train the Trainer Part 4: Sell Your Course

Co-creation is at the heart of any successful business endeavour in the 21st century. This is why we’re pumped to offer these marketing opportunities to our instructors. 

Essentially, you will team up with someone from our team to create content around your new course. 

Here are a few of the opportunities we offer:

Host a webinar with our co-founder, Maggie Bergeron

What better way to tell people about your course than providing a free introduction?!

  • These webinars have a maximum capacity of 500 registrants and we usually live stream on our YouTube channel for greater visibility
  • They are free and usually last 60 minutes
  • We promote the webinar on all our social platforms and send an email to our list of email subscribers (depending on their area of interest), and we feature it in our newsletter and blog emails
  • We encourage you to also send an email to your list of subscribers

 Ready to schedule your webinar with Embodia? Contact


For (The ‘Gram Lovin’) instructors

Welcome video posts (Instagram, Facebook) 

Create a 1-2 min video of yourself in which you provide a small introduction about yourself and what this course is trying to teach. Our in-house video wizard will help with the finishing touches. (This video can be reposted by you, the instructor on your own social media platforms).

Live session on our Instagram account (15-20 mins)

We could also host an Instagram Live with you so that you get the chance to explain the content that's covered in your course, and why people should take it. The users watching the Live session can also ask you any course-related questions. We usually promote these Instagram Live sessions on our stories two days prior to the day.

To learn more, or set up your next social promotion, contact

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