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Telerehabilitation on Embodia

Technical issues can happen to any of us; we are here to help! We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you troubleshoot. If you're still stuck after reading the guide, reach out to us at

Supported browsers

Embodia's telerehab solution works in your browser and the following browsers are supported:

  • Desktop browsers:
    • Chrome: version 72 and above with best results with version 96 and above;
    • Firefox: version 68 and above with best results with version 101 and above;
    • Safari: version 14 and above with best results with version 15 and above;
    • Edge: version 79 and above.

  • Android mobile browser:
    • Chrome;
    • Firefox.

  • iOS mobile browser:
    • Chrome;
    • Firefox;
    • Safari: version 14.3 and above with best results with version 15.4 and above;
    • Edge.


Granting your browser permission

For privacy and security reasons, you have to grant Embodia permission to use your computer/browser's camera and microphone. 

When you join a consult, click "Allow" to grant your browser permission to access your microphone and/or camera. This lets the other participants see and hear you.

How do I grant my browser permission to access the microphone and camera?

  • Chrome: click Allow, usually in the top left of your Chrome window;
  • Edge: click Allow at the bottom of your Edge window;
  • Firefox: click Allow at the top of your browser window;
  • Safari: click Allow, also at the top of your browser window.


Unblocking your microphone/camera

If you were not prompted to grant permission, or you declined to grant permission by mistake, you will need to unblock your microphone/camera and re-grant your browser permission to access your devices.

The first step is to check if the device access is blocked by your operating system:

If your operating system is granting your browser permission to access the microphone and camera, next check if your browser is blocking this access.

  • Chrome and Edge on a computer
    • In your URL address bar (top right) click on the camera icon when on a call.
    • Be sure that "Always allow" is selected.
    • Refresh the page. If rejoining doesn't work, fully quit the browser and rejoin.

  • Alternative for Chrome on a computer
    • Click the triple dot Settings icon, in the upper right of your Chrome window.
    • Click Site Settings > Mic (or Camera).
    • Under both Camera and Mic, make sure that Embodia is not on the BLOCK list.
    • Save changes and rejoin the call.

  • Firefox on a computer
    • In a call, look at the address bar. Click the cam/mic icon there.
    • Click the "x" to turn off blocking.
    • Exit and rejoin the call.

  • Safari on a computer
    • When opened, select Safari at the top left of your screen > Preferences > Websites.
    • Click Microphone on the left list to change and save your settings to allow access (repeat for Camera).
    • Exit and rejoin the call.

  • Android Chrome
    • Open the Chrome app on your Android device.
    • To the right of the address bar, tap More (triple dots)  > Settings.
    • Tap Site Settings.
    • Tap the Microphone to turn the microphone on.
    • Look for Embodia under the Blocked list and remove it if it is there.
    • Repeat the above step for the camera.

  • iOS Safari/Chrome
    • Typically, Safari/Chrome prompts for cam/mic access for each call.
    • Refresh the Safari/Chrome tab.
    • You should be alerted for Microphone & Camera Access.
    • Tap "Allow".


Unblocking your screen sharing

If you are running macOS and would like to share your screen, you must grant access to the Screen Recording Permission. Changing this security setting requires you to restart your browser. You can find more information here.


Further troubleshooting

If you are using a supported browser, your browser needs to be running smoothly. Do you have browser blockers? Or are lots of tabs open? These can affect your call quality! Below are some steps that usually fix most in-browser video call issues:

  • Reload your browser;
  • Try Incognito or Private mode;
  • Disabling any browser extensions that can block your camera and microphone;
  • Quit your browser completely (not just close it) and reopen it;
  • Try another browser. (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox);
  • Restart your computer.
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