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Telerehabilitation on Embodia

To attach a consent form to a consult you must first create one as outlined in the help article, Creating and managing consent forms.

When scheduling consults, you will be able to attach a consent form to the consult.

Your consent forms will be available in the Consent form dropdown box.

Attaching a consent form to a consult on Embodia

When you add a consent form, the patient will need to review it and click to give consent before joining the consult. 

We will cover how the patient accepts the consent form in the help article, Reviewing and agreeing to consent form.

When the patient consents to the consult, it will show up on the consult page.

Attaching a consent form to a consult on Embodia


Export or print a consent form for the patient's chart

You can also easily export a PDF of the digital consent forms for patients' charts. 

Click the text below Accepted Consent?

Patient consent form on Embodia

This will open a new window with the patient's consent. You can then print it to add it to your patient's chart.

Print or Save the document as a PDF by pressing: Control + P (on a PC) or Command + P (on a Mac).

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