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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

When you prescribe an exercise to a patient, you set how many times you would like them to do it per day. This sets how many times the patient will receive reminder notifications.

You can change the times the patient receives the notifications. The patient can also change the time they receive the notifications. 

Note: These reminders are only sent to patients using the Embodia Mobile App (available for Android and Apple). 

Changing Notifications as a Practitioner

At the bottom of the patient's program, click More (#1 in the image below) > Manage reminder settings (#2 in the image below)

Change notifications on Embodia


From here, you can choose what time the patient will receive automatic reminders from the Embodia App to do their exercises. 

Update notification preferences on Embodia


Changing Notifications as a Patient 

Patients can change their notification times in the Embodia App under Settings > Notification Settings.

Should your patient ask you how to change their notifications, you can provide them with these instructions.

Changing notifications as a patient from the EmbodiaApp

Changing notification settings from the EmbodiaApp

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