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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

By default, when adding an exercise to a program, you specify the Daily frequency and which Days of the week the exercise needs to be performed. This will determine when the exercise will show up on the patient dashboard and will instruct Embodia on when to send push notification reminder to the patient to perform the exercise.

If you'd rather not specify those parameters, you can create a free style program. You can learn more about free style programs here.

In this help article, we will show you how to set exercise instructions for non-free style programs.

When setting exercise instructions, you must specify the start date and the daily frequency of the exercise.

The daily frequency = how many times in the day do you want your patient to perform the exercise? If your patient is using the Embodia mobile app, they will receive push notifications based on the daily frequency. 

Daily frequency of HEP on Embodia


Click on More Options to set more instructions such as sets, reps, hold, and additional notes for the patient.

More HEP options on Embodia


Under More Options you will see a wide range of possible instructions you can edit/add:

Instructions for HEP on Embodia

Click on Save to save the instructions.

If you find yourself frequently setting the same instructions for a given exercise, you can click on Save as Default to set these instructions as the default for this specific exercise. The next time you add the exercise, these default instructions will be automatically populated in the form. You can still edit them before prescribing the exercise to your patient.

Default instructions for HEP on Embodia

You can also set general default settings for all exercises. Learn more here.

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