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Train the Trainer Part 1: An Introduction to Embodia

As an instructor, you have options for who can access your course. You can choose to make your course:

  • Paid Access
  • Free Access
  • Paid Access but Free for Embodia Members
  • Restricted Access

Paid Access is a course that participants must pay a fee for in order to gain access. You choose the fee and can adjust the cost or offer discounts at any time. Some instructors choose to use coupon codes that provide discounts on paid materials as marketing tools or in celebration of national recognition days.

A Free Access course is one that is available to anybody at no charge. This option is only available upon approval by the Embodia Team. We maintain a small library of courses that are free for everyone and a much larger library of courses that are free for Embodia Members.

Embodia has an active community of members who love learning from our instructors. Providing a free course to Embodia Members is a great way to introduce yourself to the community and build your brand.

If a course is Restricted Access, it is only available to those who have the Course Identifier. The Train the Trainer course series is Restricted Access so you can get a sense of how this feature works!

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