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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 3: Billing

The actions described in this lesson require a Manager permission on your clinic.

This lesson will go over how to set up your compensation settings. This includes the percentage split for the practitioner, and if you charge taxes, whether to share the taxes with the practitioner based on the percentage split.

To get started, navigate to My clinic > Billing settings > Compensation settings:

You first need to specify the default settings for your services and your products. Click on the Add button, and fill in the popup form with the percentage split and whether taxes should be shared with the practitioner.

Once you've specified your default settings, you can then override the default settings for a given service or product and/or for a given practitioner in your clinic:

To preview the settings that will be applied to a given practitioner, click on the Preview in their section. This will list all your services/products along with the percentage split that will be used for those services/products.

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