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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 3: Billing

The actions described in this lesson require a Manager permission on your clinic.

If you would like to enable the HCAI integration on your account on Embodia, please reach out to us at

Once the HCAI integration has been enabled on your account, the first step is to add the PMS credentials on Embodia that HCAI provides to you. This information can be retrieved from the HCAI portal by following the steps outlined in this guide. When asked for the "PMS Vendor",  enter Embodia.

Once HCAI provides you with your PMS credentials, navigate to My clinic > Billing settings > HCAI settings > Credentials tab:

HCAI settings on Embodia

Click Connect my HCAI account. In the popup form, enter the Facility ID, Username, and Password that you've obtained from HCAI.

If the information you've provided is correct, Embodia will pull all the relevant information from HCAI regarding your account, as well as the list of providers that you've added to HCAI.


Updating or refreshing your HCAI information

Once you've added your HCAI credentials on Embodia, if you need to update your HCAI credentials, or need to refresh your HCAI information on Embodia (for instance, if you've added new providers on HCAI and they are not showing up on Embodia), click on Edit my HCAI account.

Updating or refreshing your HCAI information

In the popup form, double-check that your credentials are correct, then click Submit. This will validate your credentials and refresh your HCAI information on Embodia.

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