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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 3: Billing

When creating a new package, you can choose to provide a percent discount on your services for any clients who purchased the package. Providing a discount is not mandatory, but it is great for marketing your package and providing incentives to your clients.  

When setting up a package, check the box beside “Automatically deduct payment from this package when a new patient invoice is created.” This will allow you to access the Discount box. 

In the Discount box, enter the discount value you would like to provide for your services for clients who buy this package (e.g., 25 for 25% discount on your services). The default discount is 0%; leave blank for no discount. Setting up packages on Embodia

When your patients go to your online booking portal to register for a class, they will click on Find a class.

Class registration on Embodia

If they do not already have a package, they will see the packages that you have available for this class. They can purchase a package and then use it to pay for the class.
Setting up packages on Embodia

They can also choose to purchase a package directly from the online booking portal by clicking on Find a package.Setting up packages on Embodia
Here they will see available packages and any discounts associated with each package listed. They can choose to purchase a package by clicking on it.

Setting up packages on Embodia

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