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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 1: Charting

To export your patient's data, visit the patient profile and then click on Other actions > Export data.

Specify the start date and the end date of the data you want to export and then click Next:

Then choose which items you would like to export. These can be:

  • Any patient properties on the patient profile
  • Consults
  • Charts 
  • Programs 
  • Questionnaires
  • Shared education

 This is what your print-friendly export data can look like. You will see your clinic information and logo along with the data you chose to export. 

To "print" your document as a PDF, press Ctrl (Command) + P. Then select Save as PDF in the browser print settings. For instance, this is how it looks in the Chrome browser:



Here is an example of what the first page of an exported PDF can look like. Clinic information and logo would be specific to your practice. 

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