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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 2: Scheduling

The actions described in this lesson require a Manager permission on your clinic.

Embodia uses Twilio as the underlying technology to send SMS notifications. Twilio is a leading global communication solution that allows you to get started in minutes and its pricing is pay-as-you-go (learn more about Twilio pricing here). You can sign up for an account directly on Twilio.

A paid Twilio account is needed to enable SMS notifications. Twilio trial accounts are too restrictive; if you connect a trial account, Embodia will not be able to send SMS notifications on your behalf.

Once you've signed up for an account on Twilio and obtained your unique phone number, you will need to add your Twilio credentials to Embodia. To do so, go to My clinic > Communication > SMS:

Connecting your Twilio account to Embodia


Click on Connect my Twilio account, and fill out the form with your Account SID, Auth token, and My Twilio phone number. This information can be found on your Twilio console (see this resource for more information):

Connecting your Twilio account to Embodia


Once your account credentials have been added, Embodia will need to verify those credentials by sending a test SMS. Enter your phone number in the form and click on Validate my account:

Connecting your Twilio account to Embodia

If the credentials and the phone number you added are valid, your account will be validated, and Embodia can send SMS notifications on your behalf.

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