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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 2: Scheduling

You've set your availabilities, but you want to add short, 'non-permanent' breaks to your schedule.

Note: recurring breaks are meant for something that is not 'permanent', just recurring for a short period (for example, you might have a course scheduled every Monday from 9 am-11 am for the next 10 weeks and would like to make that time slot unavailable in your calendar. If you would like to add a permanent break, this is best accomplished by adding your availability as outlined in the help article, Adding your availability

To add breaks, click on My breaks under Consults > My Schedule in the top bar:

Adding breaks to your schedule on Embodia

Click on Add a break and fill out the form.

Adding breaks to your schedule on Embodia

The description is just for internal use and will not shown to patients. The colour is also for visual and internal use and will be used in the calendar view to differentiate different types of breaks.

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