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Second Wave Preparedness for Clinic Owners

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Second Wave Preparedness for Clinic Owners

Second Wave Preparedness for Clinic Owners

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This course was recorded in October 2020

The anticipated second wave of COVID - 19 is approaching and rightly stoking fears in the minds of clinicians, clinic owners, and patients across Canada.

Whether physiotherapy clinics are considered an essential service or not, how are you and your patients going to weather another wave of the pandemic?

With time on your side before the second wave, you can develop a practical strategy to keep your business open and weather whatever this pandemic throws at you.

Join Frank Benedetto, a physiotherapist who has built and sold a 7-figure business, for a 60-minute online course where he’ll business strategies to help you in your contingency plan.

Top concerns we will address in this online course:

  • What to do as patient cancellations increase
  • How to increase cash flow
  • How to diversify your income streams 

Frank will outline three key ideas for right-sizing your business:

  1. Mentality. Every organization and clinic is acutely focused right now on survivability, managing liquidity, and runway in a period of extreme uncertainty. Here are the words to live by right now: control what you can control and measure what matters. You will learn how to reimagine and repackage your skillsets in new and creative ways.
  2. Framework. One key framework we can use to our advantage is to learn how to launch a digital service to move away from the 1:1 time to money ratio.
  3. Core output. Frank will equip you with the marketing and sales skills needed to bring this new-age model to the people you serve.

We're strong. We're resilient, we work well together as a community and we will get through this.

The instructors
Frank Benedetto
Health & Fitness Business Coach, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, Pn1, TPI-1, FMSC, PES
I'm one of the most credentialed DPTs in the country. I've built and sold a 7-figure business and launched a fully online platform for Combat Athletes a year before the world went digital in response to the quarantine. I'll give you everything I've learned from this experience and from my relentless pursuit of business education.
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  • Second Wave Preparedness for Clinic Owners
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  • Introduction
  • Key Points
  • Expanding Our Scope
  • What About the Equipment?
  • Sales and Marketing
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