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Self-Hypnosis For Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

Self-Hypnosis For Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

Self-Hypnosis For Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

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Self-hypnosis is a practical and evidence-based stress management technique that can empower participants to improve relaxation and prevent burnout or compassion fatigue. Hypnosis is also a powerful tool that can create lasting behaviour changes and has been shown to improve symptoms in a number of persistent health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety among others.

Learn how you can use self-hypnosis and relaxation healing meditations to improve your mood, promote relaxation, and improve sleep, which in turn may help you better manage your stress, reduce burnout, and prevent compassion fatigue.

With COVID-19, almost everyone can benefit from more self-care and stress-relieving techniques. This course provides you with all of the knowledge and tools you need to practice self-hypnosis as a self-care and self-improvement strategy!


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the evidence on hypnosis & the management of various health conditions.
  2. Learn the evidence on hypnosis & preventing burnout or compassion fatigue.
  3. Practice suggestibility tests to see how hypnotizable you are.
  4. Learn the different types of self-hypnosis and steps to practice self-hypnosis.
  5. Practice self-inductions to bring yourself into hypnotic trance.
  6. Practice self-deepening techniques to bring you deeper, quicker, and more effectively into hypnotic trance.
  7. Learn how to write personalized scripts and how to set realistic goals for self-hypnosis.
  8. Practice and learn how to give yourself a self-hypnosis instruction (to increase effectiveness of self-hypnosis suggestions).
  9. Practice and learn how to create post-hypnotic suggestions (to increase carryover effects and benefits of self-hypnosis suggestions into periods post session).
  10. Learn the technique of self-hypnosis and practice scripts to improve relaxation, reduce burnout, and prevent compassion fatigue.
  11. Learn practical tips to build self-hypnosis into a new self-care habit and how to master self-hypnosis.
  12. Learn how to maximize the benefits of self-hypnosis post session.
  13. Understand and practice two different self-hypnosis techniques at home.
  14. Learn 13 additional relaxation and self-care techniques (Resource PDFs provided in course materials).



All stressed human beings! Whether you are a healthcare professional working in a high stress environment, a stressful student, a stressful worker or a caregiver taking care of loved ones, this course is for you.

This course is appropriate for physiotherapists/physical therapists, physiotherapy assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, athletic therapists, exercise therapists, kinesiologists, movement specialists, yoga teachers, yoga therapists among others. This course is also relevant to dentists, dental assistants, medical doctors, physician assistants, nurses, midwives, psychotherapists, social workers, health coaches, students and those interested in learning more about self-hypnosis and wellness.


Suggested pre-requisites:

We suggest you first take this course: Hypnosis for Clinical Applications & Self-Care.


What is included in this course:

In addition to the 1 hour and 39 minutes of video lessons in the course, you will also have access to the following: 

  1. Two downloadable audio recordings for self-induction techniques. 
  2. One downloadable audio recording for a self-induction + deepening technique. 
  3. One complete guided hypnosis audio recording session for Relaxation and Self-Compassion.
  4. Resource PDFs for 4 additional relaxation and self-care techniques.
  5. Resource PDFs related to the course content (I.e. instructions, templates, sample scripts and examples to follow for self-hypnosis activities).
The instructors
Queenie Wu
PT, Hons. BSc., MScPT, CH

Queenie is a pelvic health and orthopaedic physiotherapist who received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto after completing her undergraduate studies with honours and high distinction at the University of Toronto (in psychology and human biology). She is also a certified clinical hypnotist and holds a Status-Only Appointment (lecturer ranking) with the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto.

In addition to her clinical work, Queenie promotes mindful movement and living as a social media influencer (find @QueeniePhysio on Instagram, YouTube or any other platform) through educational posts and video content on physiotherapy, mind-body wellness, stress management and more. She serves as a speaker at wellness workshops, conferences and various university panels. She is also a lead facilitator for the Interfaculty Pain Curriculum at the University of Toronto, which is an integrated and interdisciplinary pain curriculum for all pre-licensure health science students.

More information about Queenie can be found on her website and her Instagram/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter channels @QueeniePhysio.

Course Material included in this course
  • Introduction
  • Meet Your Course Instructor, Queenie!
  • Literature Review: Hypnosis & Management of Various Health Conditions
  • Literature Review: Hypnosis & Preventing Burnout or Compassion Fatigue
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Self-Screening: Before Getting Started
  • Self-Screening
  • Suggestibility Testing: Can You Be Hypnotized?
  • Suggestibility Testing
  • Self-Hypnosis Steps & Types
  • Self-Hypnosis Steps & Types
  • Let's Get Hypnotized! Step 1: Self-Inductions
  • Self-Inductions
  • Practice: Quick Relaxation Induction
  • Practice: Body Scan Induction
  • Step 2: Self-Deepening Techniques
  • Self-Deepening Techniques
  • Practice: Quick Relaxation Induction + Out-Breath Deepening
  • Practice: Quick Relaxation Induction + Staircase Deepening
  • Practice: Body Scan Induction + Out-Breath Deepening
  • Practice: Body Scan Induction + Staircase Deepening
  • Step 3: Goal Setting & Script Writing
  • Goal Setting & Script Writing
  • Step 4: Self-Hypnosis Instruction
  • Self-Hypnosis Instruction
  • Step 5: Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Step 6: Count Out
  • Counting Out
  • A Complete Guided Hypnosis Session for Relaxation & Self-Compassion
  • Practice: Full Guided Hypnosis Session For Relaxation & Self-Compassion
  • How To: Build A New Habit & Master A New Skill
  • Master Self-Hypnosis: Making It A Habit
  • Master Self Hypnosis: One Goal At A Time
  • How To: Maximize The Benefits Of Self-Hypnosis
  • Maximize The Benefits Of Self-Hypnosis
  • Self-Hypnosis At Home & Additional Relaxation/Self-Care Techniques
  • Two Self-Hypnosis Techniques at Home
  • 13 Additional Relaxation & Self-Care Techniques
  • What's Next?
  • Next Steps!
  • Course Feedback: Share Your Thoughts On This Course With Queenie!
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