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Coaching and EFT Techniques for Pain and Stress Relief

Coaching and EFT Techniques for Pain and Stress Relief

Coaching and EFT Techniques for Pain and Stress Relief

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Life coach and yoga therapist Parisa Samet specializes in her coaching with the practice of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
In this online course, Parisa will demonstrate a tapping technique on acupressure points as well as an understanding of how EFT can alleviate pain and stress for patients. Parisa will be introducing you to the world of healing that is available through EFT as well as leading you through a short pain inventory exercise and a breathing technique that you might share with your patients to leave them feeling calm and under control with their experience of pain. 
This presentation is open to any and all health care professionals. 
The instructors
Pelvic Health Solutions

Pelvic Health Solutions is an evidence-based teaching company that was founded in 2010 by Nelly Faghani and Carolyn Vandyken, out of the need to develop pelvic health resources in Ontario, an under serviced health concern in this province. Since the inception of our teaching company, pelvic health physiotherapy has blossomed from a handful of physiotherapists to well over 300 therapists now rostered with the Ontario College of Physiotherapists. Pelvic Health Solutions provides continuing education courses for a variety of practitioners, including mentoring and clinical resources for therapists to utilize with their patients. Our mission is to provide evidence-based, biopsychosocial resources to patients and health care practitioners for the assessment and treatment of pelvic health problems in our province and abroad.

Parisa Samet
Certified Yoga Therapist

Parisa Samet is a Toronto based yoga therapist, instructor, teacher trainer as well as a life coach. Parisa's coaching approach combines talk therapy with emotional freedom technique (EFT or more commonly referred to as tapping). She uses the combination of talk therapy, EFT and various at home exercises to help clients feel free from their anxious thoughts, pains, or stresses. Parisa's multi-disciplinary background in philosophy, yoga, functional movement and coaching are often combined for her private and group coaching sessions, creating a unique and accessible experience for all. Her mission is to compassionately empower her community of clients and patients, so that they can live their healthiest and happiest lives!

Sarah Goorts, Executive Assistant.

Pelvic Health Solutions

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  • Coaching and EFT Techniques for Pain and Stress Relief
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  • Introduction
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