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COVID-19 - The Essential Role of Nutrition and Gut Health

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COVID-19 - The Essential Role of Nutrition and Gut Health

COVID-19 - The Essential Role of Nutrition and Gut Health

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This course was recorded in April 2020


Recent reports from the COVID-19 outbreak indicate that more than 80% of the fatalities are associated with people diagnosed with preexisting conditions— including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune conditions. 
There is an urgent need to find alternative methods to control the spread of disease and optimize the immune systems' vital functions of defence and repair to further prevent infection. 
Located inside the gut is almost 70% of the entire immune system, and there is an intimate connection between diet, nutrition, infection, and host immunity. It's important we consider the impact of immune system boosting foods as immune system weakening can leave individuals more susceptible to a multitude of diseases, including COVID-19.
This timely and information-packed session will discuss how nutrition and evidence-based supplements can be used to support immune health and decrease COVID-19 infection. 

What You Will Learn 

  • The connection between COVID-19 and other comorbidities
  • How opioids can impact the immune system
  • The relationship between chronic disease and nutrient deficiency
  • Social determinants of health AND nutrition
  • Specific nutritional needs of older adults
  • The roles of important vitamins and micronutrients in boosting the immune system
  • The daily recommendation and upper limits of immune boosting nutrients
  • Joe Tatta's own personal immune boosting nutrition plan
  • More about immune boosting foods
  • How physiotherapists and other non-nutritionist/dietician certified professionals can integrate nutrition into patient care


Course Time

This course will take approximately 70 minutes to complete and you will receive a certificate of completion.



This online course is for Physiotherapist (Physical Therapists), Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, and all other healthcare professionals


Overview of Course Content

  1. Welcome and Slides
  2. Introduction
  3. COVID-19 and Comorbidities
  4. COVID-19 and Comorbidities Quiz
  5. Dietary Considerations
  6. Dietary Considerations Quiz
  7. Specific Nutrients
  8. Specific Nutrients Quiz
  9. Joe’s Personal Nutrition Plan
  10. Q&A Pt1
  11. Q&A Pt 2
  12. What’s next?
  13. Resources and References


Final Thoughts

The integration of nutrition into health management from all professionals is critical for optimal patient care. With the growing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, it crucial we educate ourselves on the importance of nutrition for the immune system to keep ourselves and our patients healthy.

The instructors
Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe Tatta is one of the pioneering experts in lifestyle interventions for treating persistent pain. A unique combination of physical therapist, nutritionist, and ACT trainer, he has 25 years of experience in physical therapy, integrative models of pain care, leadership and private practice innovation. He holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist and has trained extensively in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dr. Tatta is the Founder of the Integrative Pain Science Institute, a company dedicated to reinventing pain care through education, research and professional training.

In 2017 he was a key member of the APTA task force expanding nutrition as part of the scope of practice for physical therapists. He is chair of the Physiotherapy SIG at the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, the parent organization of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He also volunteers his time on the New York Physical Therapy Opioid Speakers Bureau and the New York Physical Therapy Association Opioid Alternative Task Force. Dr. Tatta is author of the bestselling book, Heal Your Pain Now and host of The Healing Pain Podcast, featuring interviews and free training from respected pain experts.

Course Material included in this course
  • COVID-19 and The Essential Role of Nutrition and Gut Health to Optimize the Body’s Immune Response
  • Welcome and Slides
  • Introduction
  • COVID-19 and Comorbidities
  • COVID-19 and Comorbidities Quiz
  • Dietary Considerations
  • Dietary Considerations Quiz
  • Specific Nutrients
  • Specific Nutrients Quiz
  • Joe's Personal Nutrition Plan
  • Q&A Pt1
  • Q&A Pt2
  • What's next?
  • Resources and References
  • Feedback

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