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Introduction - Yoga as a Therapeutic Approach in Pelvic Health Care

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Introduction - Yoga as a Therapeutic Approach in Pelvic Health Care

Introduction - Yoga as a Therapeutic Approach in Pelvic Health Care

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This course was recorded in September 2019

About The Course

Yoga is one of the most popular complementary health practices and is increasingly becoming more recognized and valued by health professionals and organizations. We have growing research that shows yoga can be safe and effective for people with certain pelvic health conditions.

This online physiotherapy course will introduce yoga therapy as a practical and accessible approach for people with various pelvic floor dysfunctions.


In This Online Course, You Will:

  • Gain an introductory understanding of how yoga practices and principles might be used as an adjunct approach to support optimal pelvic floor health for people who may be suffering from a variety of pelvic floor dysfunctions.
  • Gain basic, introductory knowledge of yoga, yoga therapy, and PhysioYoga.
  • Understand and appreciate the practical value, accessibility, and benefits of integrating yoga into physiotherapy treatments.
  • Outline biopsychosocial factors that can influence pelvic floor function and performance and how yoga can play a role in addressing these factors using a panca maya kosha model of health.


Who Is This Course For?

This online course is for all rehabilitation professionals, including physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, chiropractors, athletic therapists, exercise therapists, kinesiologists among others.

Whether you are a pelvic floor physiotherapist looking to expand your current approach or rehab or yoga professional wanting to learn more about pelvic health and yoga therapy, this course is meant to introduce how yoga can address pelvic floor health in an evidence-informed manner.

The instructors
Shelly Prosko

Shelly is a physiotherapist, yoga therapist, educator, author and pioneer of PhysioYoga who has been integrating yoga into physiotherapy since 1998 with a focus on chronic pain, pelvic health, compassion in healthcare and professional burnout. She guest lectures at numerous yoga therapy and physiotherapy schools, presents at yoga and medical conferences globally, contributes to academic research and writing, provides mentorship to professionals, and offers courses and resources for yoga and healthcare practitioners and the general population. Shelly is a Pain Care Aware Lead Trainer.

She considers herself a lifelong student and emphasizes the immense value gained from clinical experience and learning from the patients she serves, the professionals she teaches, and the colleagues with which she collaborates.

Shelly has written several book chapters in yoga therapy and integrative rehabilitation textbooks and is co-editor/author of Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain. She maintains a clinical practice in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada and believes compassion is the foundation of healthcare and overall well-being.

Learn more about Shelly’s work at to learn more

Course Material included in this course
  • Yoga As A Therapeutic Approach in Pelvic Health Care
  • Yoga Principles in Physiotherapy Sessions
  • Physioyoga
  • Integrating Yoga into Your Practice
  • Prescribing Yoga Poses
  • Charting Your Sessions
  • Yoga Teaching and Certifications
  • Yoga and Pelvic Floor Weakness
  • Conclusion and What's Next
  • Conclusion
  • What's Next
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Patient Exercises included in this course
  • Restorative Series
  • Awareness: Child's Pose
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