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How Physiotherapists Can Lead the Promotion of Healthy Ageing

How Physiotherapists Can Lead the Promotion of Healthy Ageing

How Physiotherapists Can Lead the Promotion of Healthy Ageing

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This course was recorded in June 2019


Welcome to an insightful online course on the role of physiotherapy in promoting healthy aging within the context of a national senior strategy. Led by Dr. Samir Sinha, the Director of Geriatrics at Sinai Health System and UHN, this course delves into the complexities of caring for the elderly, exploring the challenges, opportunities, and the evolving landscape of geriatric healthcare.

Course Highlights

Overview of Healthy Aging

  • Should we have a national senior strategy? Explore the rationale and significance.
  • Reflect on the challenges and triumphs of aging, considering the unprecedented increase in life expectancy over the last century.
  • Engage in a discourse on managing the surge in the aging population from a healthcare perspective.

Role of Geriatrics

  • Examine the primary concerns of older Canadians, focusing on health and financial aspects.
  • Address the issue of "bed-blockers" and the challenges faced by older adults in accessing appropriate resources.
  • Analyze the distinction between high and low users within the older population and the goals of healthcare professionals.

Main Issues of Modern Healthcare

  • Identify the interconnected issues of polymorbidity, functional impairments, and social frailty in older adults.
  • Explore the top system barriers hindering the integration of care for older adults.

Ontario Senior Strategy

  • Recognize the implications of rising senior care costs and the need for strategic changes.
  • Understand the Ontario government's vision to create the best environment for aging in North America through a comprehensive senior strategy.
  • Strive to achieve the "Denmark Effect" by investing in home and community care, promoting health promotion, and preventing healthcare issues in older adults.

Explore practical approaches to address the unique healthcare needs of the aging population. Join us on this journey to enhance your understanding of physiotherapy's pivotal role in fostering healthy aging and contributing to the well-being of older adults.

Learning Objectives

In this course you can expect to:

  1. Understand the Role of Physiotherapy in Healthy Aging
  2. Analyze Challenges and Triumphs of Aging
  3. Identify and Address Geriatric Healthcare Concerns
  4. Differentiate between consistently high users and inconsistently high users within the older population, understanding the implications for healthcare delivery
  5. Apply Practical Approaches to Aging Healthcare


This online course is for clinicians with an interest in geriatrics and senior care, as well as those with an interest in health policy.

About The Speaker: Dr. Samir Sinha

Dr. Samir Sinha, a distinguished expert in the field, holds a medical degree and a Masters in Medical History. His extensive training, including a doctorate in sociology from the University of Oxford’s Institute of Aging, has uniquely positioned him as a leading authority on health policy and elderly care. Dr. Sinha's international expertise contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the delivery of services for older adults.

Please note that this online physiotherapy course was recorded at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association 2019 Forum in Charlottetown, PEI.

The instructors
Canadian Physiotherapy Association

As the vital partner for the profession, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) leads, advocates, and inspires excellence and innovation to promote health. CPA’s goal is to provide exceptional service, valuable information and connections to the profession of physiotherapy, across Canada and around the world.

Dr. Samir K. Sinha

Dr. Samir Sinha is a passionate and respected advocate for the needs of older adults. Dr. Sinha currently serves as the Peter and Shelagh Godsoe Chair in Geriatrics and Director of Geriatrics of the Sinai Health System and the University Health Network Hospitals in Toronto. In 2012 he was appointed by the Government of Ontario government to serve as the expert lead of the Ontario’s Seniors Strategy. He is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Family and Community Medicine and the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Recently, Dr. Sinha became the founding Co-Chair of the Advisory Board for Canada’s new National Institute on Ageing at Ryerson University.

A Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Sinha’s breadth of international training and expertise in health policy and the delivery of services related to the care of the elderly have made him a highly regarded expert in the care of older adults and around the implementation and administration of unique, integrated and innovative models of geriatric care that reduce disease burden, improve access and capacity and ultimately promote health. In 2014, Maclean’s proclaimed him to be one of Canada’s 50 most influential people and its most compelling voice for the elderly. Dr. Sinha is the co-principal applicant for the CIHR funding opportunity which supported this work.

Course Material included in this course
  • Dr. Samir Sinha's Lecture
  • Role of Geriatrics
  • “Bed-Blockers”
  • High and Low Users
  • Main Issues of Modern Healthcare
  • Ontario Senior Strategy
  • Achieving the “Denmark Effect”
  • Go National!
  • Quiz
  • What's Next?
  • References and Additional Resources from the course
  • Feedback

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