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Foot Strength & Mobility: Reconnect, Renew & Relax!

Foot Strength & Mobility: Reconnect, Renew & Relax!

Foot Strength & Mobility: Reconnect, Renew & Relax!

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This course was recorded in March 2019


Setting a solid foundation with stronger feet. Reduce Pain and Improve Your Life.

Love Your FABULOUS FEET, You only get one pair!


Learning Objectives

During this session we will:

  • Review the basic structural anatomy of the lower leg & foot. 
  • Discuss current literature supporting the benefits associated with implementing awareness practices, mindful movement strategies, yoga asana, and breath work.
  • Explore the 3 structural arches and the corresponding muscular anatomy that serve to support them.

We will review and practice:

  • Setting a solid foundation of awareness for optimal foot position in upright standing.
  • Basic strength & mobility activities for the foot and ankle complex.
  • Self-foot massage with aromatherapy.
  • We complete our work with supported relaxation & aromatherapy for total mind/body/spirit integration.

Here's a Short Video Preview from the Course

**This session was recorded at the Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga (MISTY) in March of 2019

The instructors
Nydia Tijerina Darby

Nydia is Doctor of Physical Therapy and an experienced yoga educator. She developed the Therapeutic Astanga Method™ (TAM™) over the course of 38 years and is the Owner & Director of Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio and Director of Therapeutics at the Open Hand Institute in Texas.

She is adjunct professor at St. Mary’s University in SA, Texas. She developed and implemented the curriculum for two Yoga 3 hour credit courses offered within the Exercise Sports Science Department.

Nydia is a published author of yoga research in the Journal of Physiotherapy, Theory & Practice 2015. She developed and implemented the Yoga protocol in an extensive Yoga & Breast Cancer research collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center.

She also offers continuing education for Rehabilitation Specialists in order to introduce her method of therapeutic yoga for clinical use and acts as a liaison between the yoga and medical communities in Texas.

Nydia has combined work in orthopedic, spine and pelvic health physical therapy with extensive movement, fitness and yoga experience to create a unique service that melds traditional western physical therapy with traditional eastern Hatha yoga lifestyle practices.

Helene Couvrette
Co-Founder, President of MISTY

Her passion for yoga inspired her to share yoga with a few friends in the basement of one of whom eventually lost her battle with cancer. She soon realized her love of yoga could only be surpassed by the desire to share it with others & the joy of seeing them benefit from yoga on many levels.

In 2002 just after delivering a stillborn boy Helene embarked on a 200hr YTT Certification Course. During 2003 she continued the training at same time began teaching yoga at the St. Lazare Community Center. Helene continues to teach regular yoga classes with a therapeutic approach, offers Private Yoga Therapy Sessions & mentors a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Winter of 2018 she will introduce an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training focusing on Therapeutics.

Helene is also co-founder of this international conference bringing health care professionals & yoga therapist together with the mission of integrating yoga into the Canadian health care system.

Course Material included in this course
  • Introduction & Lecture
  • Introduction
  • The Anatomy of the Foot
  • The Foot Core Assessment
  • Another Study and Questions
  • Minimalist Footwear
  • Feedback
  • Practical Application
  • Starting Exercises
  • Standing Exercises
  • Final Exercises
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Foot Strength & Mobility: Reconnect, Renew & Relax Quiz
  • Feedback
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