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Pharmacology for Pain

Pharmacology for Pain

Pharmacology for Pain

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This one hour course gives some general information on medications that might be used for patients with both acute and persistent pain.  It explains the rationale for the use of the drugs and then goes on to give a brief literature review about the efficacy of some of the medications in the treatment of chronic pain.  

This course is very helpful for practitioners to gain a better understanding of why patients may be on certain drugs, which drugs might be helpful if they have not tried any medication approaches, and most importantly, what harmful drug interactions you might see in the clinic - especially where patients might self medicate, use over the counter medication or not reveal the full extent of their history to the prescribing doctors.  


Topics discussed

In this course, the instructor will discuss:

  • Different classes of drugs that chronic pain patients take 
  • An overview of the literature regarding the efficacy of various drugs in chronic pain 
  • When medication reviews are necessary, inappropriate medication and untried options 


Learning objectives

Participants will learn: 

  • A general overview, including uses and side effects, of Tramadol, NSAIDs, paracetamol-acetaminophen, anticonvulsants, anti-depressants, ketamine, and cannabis
  • Why it is beneficial for all practitioners, whether they are prescribing medication or not, to understand drugs and drug interactions
  • How multimodal approaches to pain management work and why they are valuable



This course is relevant to all healthcare professionals who work with patients in pain.  There are no prerequisites for the course.  

The instructors
Alison Sim
BSc(Clin Sci), MHSc(Osteo), MSc Med(Pain Management)

Alison has a keen interest in educating health professionals about the latest science surrounding pain, especially pain that hangs around- chronic or persisting pain.

Dr. Alison Sim trained as an osteopath in Australia and has completed a Masters degree in pain management. She has been speaking on the topic of pain science and the integration of this knowledge into clinical practice for several years. She is a firm believer that a good understanding of integrated pain science knowledge is powerful for both clinicians and patients, and that manual therapists are among the best placed practitioners to be implementing such approaches in the healthcare setting. She works in private practice in a chronic pain setting in Melbourne, Australia.

She has completed Masters of science in Medicine in Pain Management through the Sydney University Medical School and Royal North Shore Pain Management Research Institute. She has lectured at Australian Catholic University, Victoria University, and RMIT in a variety of science and clinical subject. She has also worked as part of the teaching team at Deakin University Medical School.

Course Material included in this course
  • Opioids
  • Introduction
  • Types of Opioids
  • Tramadol
  • Tramadol
  • NSAIDS & Paracetamol- Acetaminophen
  • NSAIDS & Paracetamol- Acetaminophen
  • Anti Convulsant & Anti Depressants & Ketamine
  • Anti Convulsant & Anti Depressants & Ketamine
  • Cannabis
  • Cannabis
  • Literature Review
  • Literature Review
  • Quiz
  • Feedback and Suggested Next Steps
  • Course Feedback
  • What's Next?
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