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MISTY 2024 - Dynamic Polyvagal Play 

MISTY 2024 - Dynamic Polyvagal Play 

MISTY 2024 - Dynamic Polyvagal Play 

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This course was recorded in March 2024


Every interaction with our students is a transmission of co-regulation - the human, heart-to-heart task of being with each other and creating rapport. Our embodiment and capacity as the teacher or therapist set the tone, like a tuning fork for our client.

This session, recorded at the 2024 Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga (MISTY), will help you better understand your nervous system and social patterns as wise and adaptive through dynamic polyvagal applications. Hone your instincts, and expand your kinesthetic, vocal, and social toolbox.

The blended autonomic state of play invites us to grow comfortable with experimentation and expression and to trust the spectrum of possibility that exists between goal-oriented effort and open-ended being. In the space created by curiosity, we can learn to hold a deeper compassionate space for the client's process of healing inquiry.

Learning Objectives

In this online course, you will:

  1. Define what is PLAY and discuss personal and cultural barriers to playing.

  2. Establish collective agreements for our container to invoke freedom to play. 

  3. Clarify the 3 primary ANS states according to polyvagal theory, and 2 blended states, creating a dynamic representation of our window of freedom.

  4. Shift from a hierarchical, threat-based framework for the autonomic nervous system to acknowledgment and welcoming the wisdom of all states. 

  5. Take autonomic state education beyond physiological theory into mapping felt sense awareness, storytelling, and practical applications for teaching. 

  6. Examine the social nervous system’s range of responses, identify patterns, and make space for new preferences or skills to emerge.

  7. Enjoy varied activities, collaboration, and key practices to embody the spirit of yoga as consciousness, liberation and bliss.


Presenter Bio

Cheri Dostal Ryba, C-IAYT, FME-3

Cheri Dostal Ryba, C-IAYT, FME-3

Cheri has devoted over two decades to embodied inquiry & transformation as a movement educator, personal fitness trainer, dancer, C-IAYT yoga therapist, mother of two, and author. Cheri's approach weaves cyclical wisdom from nature with trauma & nervous system-informed somatic practices, and whole-person pelvic care.

Cheri served as a founding co-director and lead faculty of the accredited C-IAYT yoga therapist training program, AlcheMe Yoga Therapy, for 7 years and mentors yoga professionals in personal embodiment and career growth. She has spoken at SYTAR twice to serve the growing field of yoga therapy and supports women globally 1:1 and with online programs.

Cheri published her first book, Pelvic Yoga Therapy for the Whole Woman: A Professional Guide. She plans to continue writing & making life a moving ritual.



Anyone with a keen interest in learning about the vagus nerve and its relationship to the nervous system and how yoga can help in self-regulating as well as assisting others to do so.

The instructors
Helene Couvrette
Co-Founder, President of MISTY

Her passion for yoga inspired her to share yoga with a few friends in the basement of one of whom eventually lost her battle with cancer. She soon realized her love of yoga could only be surpassed by the desire to share it with others & the joy of seeing them benefit from yoga on many levels.

In 2002 just after delivering a stillborn boy Helene embarked on a 200hr YTT Certification Course. During 2003 she continued the training at same time began teaching yoga at the St. Lazare Community Center. Helene continues to teach regular yoga classes with a therapeutic approach, offers Private Yoga Therapy Sessions & mentors a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Winter of 2018 she will introduce an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training focusing on Therapeutics.

Helene is also co-founder of this international conference bringing health care professionals & yoga therapist together with the mission of integrating yoga into the Canadian health care system.

Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga (MISTY)

MISTY is an organization by Helene Couvrette that provides high quality continuing education for healthcare professionals, yoga therapists, and educators who have a shared passion in the mission of yoga therapy and science.
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  • Dynamic Polyvagal Play 
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No worries! Cheri has a fun and down-to-earth way of presenting to help make things easy and relatable.

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