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Fireside Chat - Using Gunn IMS with Olympic Athletes

Fireside Chat - Using Gunn IMS with Olympic Athletes

Fireside Chat - Using Gunn IMS with Olympic Athletes

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This course was recorded in November 2023


Five UBC Gunn IMS senior instructors group discuss their experience using Gunn IMS with Olympic and other elite athletes - Cory Choma, Lorrie Maffey, Susan Massitti and Dave Zelibka, moderated by Lyndal Solomons (Program Director). 

Advanced clinical reasoning and application of Gunn IMS dry needling in the clinical setting with a patient population of Olympic or other elite athletes. The combined teaching and clinical experience of this group of renowned clinicians and educators all speaking in one session gives insight into assessment and clinical application that undoubtedly has the power to enhance patient outcomes not only for Gunn IMS-certified clinicians but all clinicians who use other forms of acupuncture/dry needling as a treatment approach.

Part Two of this conversation can be found on this course page.


Speaker: Lyndal Solomons 

Lyndal Solomons is a UBC Gunn IMS clinician, senior instructor and the UBC Gunn IMS program director.

The instructors
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