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Collaborating for Client Centred Care - A Physio/Kin/Ex Physiologist Discussion

Collaborating for Client Centred Care - A Physio/Kin/Ex Physiologist Discussion

Collaborating for Client Centred Care - A Physio/Kin/Ex Physiologist Discussion

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This course was recorded in November 2023


In this illuminating panel discussion, experts in physiotherapy, kinesiology, exercise physiology and health law converge to explore the collaborative realm of healthcare and physical wellness. "Collaborating for Client Centred Care" will delve into the interconnectedness of these professions, revealing their overlapping scopes of practice and the potential for collaborative excellence.

Our professional panel will highlight:

  • Scope of Practice: Understanding the distinct roles of each profession and their combined impact on rehabilitation, fitness, and health.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Discover how these experts seamlessly collaborate to address diverse client needs.
  • Emerging Trends: Gain insights into the future of these fields and the latest innovations in health and wellness.

Join us for a discussion that promises to inform and inspire. "Collaborating for Client Centred Care" is essential for healthcare professionals, students, and anyone passionate about fitness and well-being. Explore the synergy between physiotherapy, kinesiology, and exercise physiology and the transformative potential in healthcare.

Topics that will be discussed

During thiscourse, the panelists will present and discuss the following:

  1. History of physiotherapy, kinesiology and exercise physiology
  2. Number of physios, kins and exercise physiologists currently practicing in Canada
  3. How are we similar? Undergrad often similar, post graduate education requirements, similar clinical practice concerns/challenges
  4. How are we different? Additional two years of specific training for physio, theory and practical examinations for physics and exercise physiologists
  5. Comparison of controlled acts - kins cannot do any controlled acts with patients/clients, exercise physiologists not regulated
  6. What are our post-graduate opportunities? Are they the same? Different?
  7. Do patients/clients see a physio and then a kin or exercise physiologist? Do we have consecutive or collaborative practices?
  8. Specializations - physios and exercise physiologists have them, should kins begin to work towards this too?
  9. How can we best work together and learn how to refer to each other?
  10. Q&A and discussion

The Moderators and Panelists

  • Moderators: Maggie Bergeron, PT and Co-Founder of Embodia and Angela Pereira, RKin, CNP and Founder of First Line Education
  • Zach Weston, MSc, MBA, ACSM-RCEP, CSEP-CEP, CSEP CEO, Faculty Member at Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Steve Fischer, PhD, RKin, Professor and Researcher, University of Waterloo, Ergonomist, President of OKA
  • Darryl Yardley, PT, Owner Mentorship Bootcamp, Clinic Accelerator
  • Jonah Arnold, lawyer specializing in working with regulated healthcare practitioners
  • Jim Millard, PT, National Director, Clinical Training and Development at CBI Health
The instructors
Angela Pereira
BSc (Hons Kin), President & Founder Registered Kinesiologist, Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher First Line Education Inc.

As a Registered Kinesiologist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Yoga Teacher, Angela has over 30 years of experience working with clients in both clinics and in their homes in Toronto. She recently refocused her career to provide continuing education for exercise professionals including clinical assessment, exercise prescription and professional business. She's been recognized as an Educational Influential by the Institute for Work and Health since 2006.

Angela is passionate about learning about the business of healthcare and sharing her knowledge with students and practicing movement therapists. She and her team at the Toronto based continuing education company First Line Education teach both online and in person about functional assessment, exercise therapy and physical and mental wellness. Angela has presented at national and international conferences to a wide variety of healthcare and exercise students and professionals.

Angela teaches kinesiology students in post-graduate programs at Humber College and the University of Toronto with a focus on marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. She believes that the connection between evidence informed practice and running a healthy business is crucial for the mental wellbeing of exercise professionals.

Jim Millard

A native of London Ontario Jim has been a practicing physiotherapist for 32 years. Jim attended Western where he completed a BSc (PT) in 1991 and a MClSc (PT) in 2010. Jim also completed a clinical DPT in the USA in 2013. Jim has been a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (FCAMPT) since 2000. Jim is an instructor in the Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Master’s Program at Western University since its onset. He teaches the Mulligan Concept musculoskeletal manual therapy courses across Canada. Jim was an owner of Body Mechanics Physiotherapy in London for nearly two decades. Jim is now the National Director of Clinical Training and Development for CBI Health.

Jim is a strong advocate of all things biopsychosocial and mind, body, spirit. He is passionate about how we communicate with our patients and has been involved in the knowledge translation and teaching of these crucial foundational skills for the past decade. Jim feels our ability to connect with our patients is our most important asset as clinicians. These so-called soft skills are the true power skills in the delivery of compassionate care. Jim believes that as clinicians we must possess the knowledge and skills to facilitate behaviour change. Understanding the role of intrinsic motivation in adherence to physiotherapy must be viewed as a clinical competency.

Jim believes that personal development is professional development. Jim is a proponent of an infinite growth mindset. The importance of self-compassion, and resilience to our own personal wellness is often neglected. We cannot give away what we don’t already have. Jim coaches and mentors clinicians to assist them on their own growth and resilience journeys. Jim is passionate about the power of words as they intersect with the vulnerability of creative expression. He released his first book Cuoreosity: The heArt of Being, a poetic invitation to live into the questions of life in 2022.

Darryl Yardley
PT, B.Kin (Hons), M.Sc.(PT), M.Cl.Sc.(Manip), FCAMPT

Darryl has been a physical therapist for more than a decade. He is a clinic owner and the Chief Operating Officer for Clinic Accelerator where he supports 500+ clinic owners with their operations, recruitment and clinician performance. He has mentored and helped thousands of Physical Therapists become all-star clinicians, clinic directors, and equity partners. He is past chair of the Private Practice Section of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, co-author of "Diagnosis and Management of Femoroacetabular Impingement", and is a professor of Business and Leadership in Physical Therapy at Western University.

Jonah Arnold
Member of Law Society of Ontario (licenced lawyer), Master of Laws (anticipating graduation in 2024), Bachelor in Human Kinetics

Jonah Arnold practices health law in Toronto with Weinman, Arnold LLP. He has spent nearly two decades establishing and running health clinics in Ontario as both a lawyer and business owner. He draws on his experience as a business owner and knowledge as a lawyer to help his clients with their legal and business needs.

Jonah also has extensive experience assisting clients with regulatory College matters including complaints, investigations (ICRC matters), fitness to practice, disciplinary matters, HPARB and HSARB reviews and appeals, OHIP matters and IPC matters.

More and more healthcare professionals are starting independent practices without adequate knowledge of the requisite laws, regulations, and policies. Business planning, start-up, understanding and adhering to professional regulatory College practice guidelines, and contentious matters such as complaints, disciplinary proceedings, and litigation are just a few of the areas in which Weinman, Arnold LLP focuses. In addition, Jonah regularly lectures on various topics to health associations and regulatory colleges.

Jonah also has a practice in human rights law. Jonah has appeared on CTV, CBC, BBC, Centre for Persian Studies, and Alarabiya among others, to talk about litigating human rights and terrorism claims in Ontario.

Jonah brings a very eclectic educational background to the Weinman, Arnold LLP partnership. He combines his years of first-hand entrepreneurial experience and exposure to small, medium, and large-sized businesses to assist his clients' unique legal and business concerns.

Zach Weston

Zach Weston is business leader and clinician serving as the CEO for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) in Ottawa, Canada. He has worked with thousands of patients across the lifespan and across the range of those living with chronic conditions to professional and Olympic/Paralympic athletes.

As a business leader he has built entrepreneurial ventures in the MedTech and Health service sector, managed regional clinical programs within the Ontario Health system (including cardiology, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, diabetes, stroke, critical care and orthopaedics), championed changes to health system policy in orthopaedic surgery, led the development of an $80M regional cardiac program project and provided governance as the VP of Strategic Partnerships on the Board for the Ontario Kinesiology Association. He maintains credentials as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with both CSEP and the American College of Sports Medicine. He continues to contribute as a policy advisor to research projects related to fitness and health care. He has instructed over 85 undergraduate courses and 2700 students in business, entrepreneurism and kinesiology and continues to teach part time at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. Twitter:

Course Material included in this course
  • Collaborating for Client Centred Care - A Physio/Kin/Ex Physiologist Discussion
  • Welcome!
  • Why Was PT Changed to a Master's Program
  • What Skills Did You Learn in Physio That You Didn't Learn in Kinesiology?
  • Thoughts on Controlled Acts and How It Strengthens One's Practice
  • How Can We Get the Referrals That We Need?
  • Can We as Physios Work Directly as Kinesiologist or Registed Physiologists in Canada?
  • Final Discussion
  • Feedback
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