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The Formula for Confident Pricing

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The Formula for Confident Pricing

The Formula for Confident Pricing

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This course was recorded in November 2023


If you are a solopreneur or clinic owner struggling with pricing drama, this on-demand course might just be the remedy you need. 

This course will help you feel confident in your pricing so that you can get more patients with ease. It will also help you implement pricing so that you can move on to the next decision in your business. 

Learning Objectives

Following this online course you will: 

  • Unlock the formula to create a price you are confident about so you get more 'yeses' in discovery visits.
  • Determine the price of a new program or package with confidence
  • Know when to raise your rates.  
  • Eliminate pricing drama for good so it’s easy to attract your ideal patient
  • Be able to get more consults and more patients without spending any more time on your business.


This course is for all practitioners who struggle with pricing in their business. It is for any healthcare and wellness practitioners including wellness entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, health coaches, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors. 

The instructors
Alison McLean

The founder of Ignite Ur Wellness. Alison specializes in helping entrepreneurs to grow their business, while caring for their health AND enjoying life in the process.

The diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome and Rectal Cancer awakened her to sustainability of her hustle and grind lifestyle. She quickly realized for the sake of her health, her ability to serve her patients and clients best, and show up to be the mom and wife she desired, changes were needed.

Now she helps others manage their time, boost their energy with tactics and mindset to create success in their business AND with their health.

Course Material included in this course
  • The Formula for Confident Pricing
  • Welcome!
  • Do These Sound Familiar?
  • Success Story - Meet Julie
  • Step 1 - Variables
  • Step 2 - Confident Pricing Formula
  • Success Story - Meet Lynne
  • Step 3 - Ecosystem
  • Step 4 - Confident Pricing Meditation
  • Step 5 - Pricing Matrix
  • Conclusion
  • Feedback

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