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Becoming Tarzan - Functional Resistance Training to Support High Performance Strength

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Becoming Tarzan - Functional Resistance Training to Support High Performance Strength

Becoming Tarzan - Functional Resistance Training to Support High Performance Strength

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This course was recorded in September 2023

Becoming Tarzan

During this online course, Dinah Hampson and Nathaniel Dolquist will discuss their new resource package: Becoming Tarzan - Functional Resistance Training to Support High Performance Strength

This resource package was inspired by actor Nathaniel Dolquist. He trained over the course of 14 weeks to meet the aesthetic performance and physical demands of being cast in the role of Tarzan in the on-stage musical performance. Working directly with the dance physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches at Pivot Dancer, Nathaniel followed a periodized program to achieve his training goals within a specified timeframe.  The resource package includes 24 gym strength training exercises that focus on the trunk, chest, shoulders and building movement patterns from proximal to distal.  Injury prevention was of paramount importance to manage the rigorous training load, rehearsal and performance schedule.

Learning Objectives 

During this online course, participants will:

  • Gain exposure to the physical and mental demands of the performing arts.
  • Gain perspective of life backstage in the start to finish experience of preparing for a role.
  • Learn how periodization can be applied in specific timeframes to achieve high performance goals.
  • Learn how you can be an important part of a high performance support team.
  • Learn how you can apply high performance training to a more global patient population.
  • Add a valuable set of 24 functional strength training, in gym resistance training exercises, to your Embodia library with the resource package associated with this webinar.

Who would benefit from this webinar

  • Clinicians with limited exposure to the performing arts, the physical and mental demands of live performance and stage schedules will go “backstage” for an insider’s perspective on the process and realities facing the performers. 
  • Clinicians will gain insight into working with these populations in their clinical practice. 
  • Clinicians will learn transferable skills that they can apply to a more global patient population.

Each exercise included in the resource package associated with this webinar is demonstrated by Nathaniel Dolquist and described in full by strength and conditioning expert, Alex Lee - Rugby Strength and Conditioning.  The program was coordinated for injury prevention by Sport Physiotherapist Dinah Hampson.  This resource package would be an excellent addition to your clinical library if you are working with any high performance athletes and performers.  You will also find these exercises to be of great value when managing Aesthetic training and working with people requiring a toned physique.

Dinah combined the physical therapy needs to protect Tarzan, as he swings through the jungle, by blending the sport and dance science worlds together, creating the magic within this valuable exercise set.

Join Becoming Tarzan - Functional Resistance Training to Support High Performance Strength! 

The instructors
Dinah Hampson

FOUNDER Pivot Dancer
Registered Physiotherapist

Dip. Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy, Dip. Sport Physiotherapy, Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) Certification Jr to Advanced levels, Certified pelvic physiotherapy

Dinah Hampson is a registered physiotherapist with 20+ years experience. She holds both a post-graduate Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy and in Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy. Dinah is a member of the Healthy Dancer Canada Network and of the International Association of Dance Medicine Science. Dinah was classically trained in ballet, danced with the Young Dancer’s Company of the Newfoundland Dance Theatre and Musical Theatre productions. Dinah regularly assesses and treats dancers from professional dance training programs and companies as well as community/competitive dancers. Dinah is the owner of Pivot Sport Medicine in Toronto, Ontario.

Pivot Dancer

Pivot Dancer is a knowledge-sharing platform which provides evidence-based content to the dance community. We bring together experts from around the world to give you unprecedented access to knowledge acquired through years of experience in the world of dance and science. Learn more at

Nathaniel Dolquist
Actor and Teacher

Nathaniel is a bicoastal actor, singer, and circus performer. He grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, graduated from Yale University with a degree in Theater Studies, and has lived in New York City and Los Angeles as a professional actor. Nathaniel often plays roles with a high degree of physicality, and he trains year-round to make sure that he's in adequate shape for any audition or swift hiring process. Through his dance and circus training, as well as work with Pivot Dancer physios and experts, he maintains an injury-free program that keeps him strong, flexible, and ready for anything.

Nathaniel's prep work with Pivot Dancer to play Tarzan at Moonlight State in Vista, CA helped him gain eight pounds of muscle, add 4.5 inches to his shoulders, and feel not only injury-free but pain-free for the entire run of the show. By using these exercises as well as the latest data and studies in sports medicine and science, Nathaniel was able to create the most effective and efficient program possible for his goals.

Course Material included in this course
  • Becoming Tarzan - Functional Resistance Training to Support High Performance Strength
  • Welcome!
  • How Did You Develop This Training Program?
  • Explain How One Can Train Remotely?
  • Did the Training Program Change in the Midst of Rehearsals?
  • How Did the Training Program Change Once the Show Wrapped?
  • How Does This Training Improve A Performer's Strength and Mobility?
  • Summary
  • Feedback

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