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PTA's Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017 with Stephen Fritz-Millet and Aurelie Dimandja

PTA's Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017 with Stephen Fritz-Millet and Aurelie Dimandja

PTA's Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017 with Stephen Fritz-Millet and Aurelie Dimandja

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Course Objectives:

  • Briefly describe the topic or project to be discussed, including any strengths/weaknesses in the current knowledge base and any existing barriers to its translation/application in clinical practice.
  • Clearly identify the clinical problem to be addressed during this online physiotherapy course.
  • Highlight how the information to be presented will improve clinicians’ assessment skills or affect patients’ outcomes.
  • Identify the level of prior exposure to the topic required to successfully follow the session (e.g., new to topic area, basic understanding of concepts/terms, targeted to students, entry to practice PT, PT with less than 5 years’ experience, 5-15 years of experience, 15+ years of experience, PTAs, Expert level PTs, PTs in Public Practice, Private Practice, Public/Private Practice, PTs in Admin or Supervisory Positions, PTs in Policy Practice)


PTAs and PTs in Public/Private Practice, Policy Practice, and Admin or Supervisory Positions.


Aurélie Dimandja

Aurélie currently serves as the Past President of the NPAA. She completed the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma Program at Mohawk College in 2014. Since graduation, she has worked in various health care settings, such as long-term care homes, physiotherapy clinics, community care and hospital settings. Aurélie has worked with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, geriatrics, orthopaedic conditions, developmental disabilities, and the mental health population.

In her first year of the OTA/PTA program, the President of the NPAA at the time (Sandra Lamb) reached out to Aurélie about joining the NPAA as a Student Representative. After some consideration, she said yes; the rest is history. She wanted to advocate for PTAs and PTA Students on a national level. In addition, Aurélie is involved in community volunteering as a Board Member with Community Living Burlington and Contact Hamilton. She also serves on the Volunteer Executive Committee for Cystic Fibrosis Canada - Hamilton Chapter.

The instructors
Canadian Physiotherapy Association

As the vital partner for the profession, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) leads, advocates, and inspires excellence and innovation to promote health. CPA’s goal is to provide exceptional service, valuable information and connections to the profession of physiotherapy, across Canada and around the world.

Stephen-Fritz Millett
Stephen-Fritz Millett has an extensive background in the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership, management and communication. He retired from the Canadian Army in 2016 as a senior officer with mover thirty years of service. For the past ten years he has worked in the corporate world as a training consultant. In addition to this, he has decades of volunteer experience working in not-for-profit community organizations. Steve has had articles published in journals and texts in his area of expertise, “the comprehensive approach.” This is an approach that seeks to bring disparate actors and agencies together to solve complex problems in crisis zones.
Course Material included in this course
  • PTA's Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017
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  • PTAs Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017
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