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Resource Package - The Performer’s Pelvis

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Resource Package - The Performer’s Pelvis

Resource Package - The Performer’s Pelvis

This course includes


Did you know that about 1/3 of dancers and other high-level performers struggle with pelvic floor-related symptoms like urinary leakage?

Dancers and other artistic athletes (including gymnasts, figure skaters, circus performers, artistic swimmers) also face unique movement demands with repetitive loading at end ranges of motion, and can often develop movement habits that interfere with optimal pelvic floor function. 

This resource package compliments the complete on-demand Embodia course "The Performer's Pelvis: Management of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Dancers and Artistic Athletes."

This resource package includes access to instructional videos (including cueing) of exercises focused on optimizing breathing, pressure management and core control, pelvic floor coordination, strength, and length, digestive health, nervous system downtraining, and hip stability and mobility geared toward improving pelvic floor health for performing artists. 


What's Included:

  • 83 patient exercises total, including:
    • 13 exercises for pelvic floor coordination, strength, and length
    • 8 exercises to optimize digestive function and nervous system calming
    • 19 exercises for hip mobility and stability to benefit the pelvic floor
    • 26 exercises to improve core control and intra-abdominal pressure management
    • 10 exercises to optimize breathing
    • 7 exercises for thoracic and rib cage mobility
  • Lifetime access to the exercises


Bundle Options:

On checkout you will be offered the option to purchase this resource package or to purchase both this resource package and the on-demand course The Performer’s Pelvis: Managing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Dancers and Artistic Athletes

Scroll down to see what's included in this resource package.

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The instructors
Pivot Dancer

Pivot Dancer is a knowledge-sharing platform which provides evidence-based content to the dance community. We bring together experts from around the world to give you unprecedented access to knowledge acquired through years of experience in the world of dance and science. Learn more at

Brooke R. Winder
PT, DPT, OCS, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist in Physical Therapy, Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, BASI-Certified Pilates Instructor

Brooke Winder is a Southern California-based physical therapist with 11+ years of clinical experience, specializing in orthopedic and pelvic floor health for dancers, artistic athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness instructors. She also serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Dance at California State University, Long Beach, where she Coordinates the Bachelor’s degree program in Dance Science and teaches courses in functional anatomy, injury prevention, wellness, and Pilates. Brooke provides backstage care for touring professional dance companies, physical therapy services for summer dance intensives, and community workshops to dancers and dance educators. She is particularly passionate about educating the dance and healthcare community about pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain, and empowering dancers and practitioners to know how to address these symptoms. Having spent many years as a dancer and a former competitive gymnast, Brooke has a deep understanding of the unique demands and capabilities of artistic athletes. She serves as an expert for Pivot Dancer, a knowledge-sharing platform that provides improved access to evidence-based content to the dance community.

Brooke has been published in The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, Clinical Biomechanics, and Orthopedic Physical Therapy Practice magazine. She has presented research on pelvic floor health in dancers at venues such as the American Physical Therapy Association Annual Combined Sections Meeting, the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Annual Conference, and the Performing Arts Medicine Association International Symposium. Brooke earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Chapman University. She is a Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, a Certified Pilates instructor through Body Arts and Science International, and a former professional dancer with Southern California-based Backhausdance. She is also a certified POPUp Pro, having completed focused study in the management of pelvic organ prolapse. Brooke is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Performing Arts Medicine Association, and serves in leadership in the Performing Arts Special Interest Group of the Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapy in the American Physical Therapy Association.

Course Material included in this course
  • Introduction to Resource Package: The Performer’s Pelvis
  • Welcome!
Patient Exercises included in this course
  • Bridge with Pelvic Floor Contraction
  • Bridge with Single Leg Openings
  • Bridge With Turnout for Pelvic Floor Contraction
  • Perineal Scar Self Massage (External)
  • Pelvic Floor Myofascial Release with Ball
  • Pelvic Floor Contraction (Kegel) Sitting on Ball
  • Pelvic Floor Contraction (Kegel) Supine
  • Pelvic Floor Relaxation in Tail Up Position
  • Pelvic Floor Relaxation with Ball Support
  • Pelvic Floor Relaxation in Child's Pose
  • Pelvic Floor Control During Single Leg Squat or Plie
  • Pelvic Floor Control During Squat
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness Training
  • Self Mobilize Upper Left Quadrant for Digestive Motility
  • Colon Massage
  • Quadruped Trunk Sidebend (Tail Wag)
  • Rolling and Spiral Stretch from X Position
  • Sidebend and Rotation Skin Stretch Over Ball
  • Self Pectoral Release
  • Self Cupping Below Collarbone
  • Skin Stretch for Anterior Neck
  • Modified Pigeon Stretch
  • Hip Flexor Hurdles
  • Sidelying Resisted Hip Internal Rotation
  • Supine Resisted Hip Internal Rotation
  • Prone Resisted Hip Internal Rotation
  • Quadruped Resisted Hip Internal Rotation
  • Resisted Developpe
  • Eccentric Hip Flexor Strength Training Basic
  • Sidelying Resisted Hip External Rotation
  • Prone Resisted Hip External Rotation Strength
  • Standing Active Hip Mobility
  • Hip Mobility Circles in Quadruped
  • Resisted Marching for Hip Flexors - Basic and Intermediate
  • Hip External Rotation and Posterior Hip Mobility
  • Sidelying Hip Flexor Lengthening with and without Band
  • Eccentric Hip Flexor Flexibility
  • Hip Flexor Mobility Half Kneeling
  • Adductor Rock Backs
  • Self Hip Glide with Band
  • Core Control Half Kneeling with Weight
  • Arabesque Lifts
  • Stabilization in Spine Extension
  • Teaser (V-Up) Series
  • Theraband Resisted Roll Up
  • Full Side Plank with Marching
  • Side Plank with Presses
  • Side Prop with Overhead Weight Press
  • Side Plank with Bicycle
  • Plank to Inversion with Exercise Ball
  • Single Arm Plank to Side Plank
  • Plank with Side Developpe Prep (Knee to Shoulder)
  • High Bear Position Rocking and Limb Lifts
  • Crawling in Quadruped Hover
  • Leg extension with Abduction in Quadruped
  • Quadruped Rocking in Hover Position
  • Quadruped Hover with Weight Slides
  • Quadruped Hovers
  • Hollow Hold Progression
  • Supine IAP Double Leg Taps and Double Leg Extensions
  • Supine IAP Control with Single Leg Extensions
  • Frozen Bear with Exercise Ball
  • Frozen Bear with Wrap
  • Basic Supine IAP with Exercise Ball
  • Basic IAP with Figure 8 Band Wrap
  • Basic IAP control in Supine
  • Breathing in Spinal Extension
  • Prone Breathing with Corgeous Ball
  • Breathing into Extension and Tail Lift
  • Breathing in Childs Pose
  • Breathing in Pretzel Stretch
  • Sidelying Breathing with Ball
  • Sidelying Breathing
  • Banded 360 Degree Breathing in Sitting
  • Band or Ball Breathing Supine
  • Relaxed 3-Way Breathing
  • Wall Angels for Upper Thoracic Mobility
  • Wall Slides for Upper Back and Shoulder Mobility
  • Thoracic Rotation Half Kneeling at Wall
  • Thoracic Rotation in Sidelying
  • Thoracic Rotation in Quadruped
  • Thoracic Rotation in Childs Pose
  • Upper Thoracic Mobility

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