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3 New Embodia Webinar Features to Improve Access
By: Maggie Bergeron, BSc, MSc(PT), Co-Founder of Embodia

New Embodia Webinar Features to Improve Access 

Embodia offers many free courses and webinars. Oftentimes, webinars fill up FAST and we end up with lengthy waitlists. 

We want all those interested in attending webinars to be able to do so. So we’ve introduced 3 new features to make this easier!

  • Attendance rates
  • Webinar resources
  • Follow-up emails

Read more about these new features below!


Webinars vs Courses on Embodia

But first, let’s start with an overview of the two different kinds of online courses that Embodia offers:

  1. Webinars: webinar pages are meant for live webinar registrations. These are live online courses. Most webinars are recorded and made available as an on-demand course on Embodia Academy. 
    1. Paid webinars: if the recording is made available as an on-demand course you will be provided with complimentary access.
    2. Free webinars: if the recording is made available as an on-demand course, it will either be a Free for Embodia Member course or a Paid course. Check the webinar page (and follow-up email) for further information.

  2. On-demand courses: all on-demand courses are available on Embodia Academy. You can take these on your own time and at your own pace. As mentioned above, many live webinars become on-demand courses. There are many other on-demand courses available in the library that were not webinars.

From the Education drop-down menu, select 'Webinars' to go to the webinars page and select 'Embodia Academy' to head over to the 1000+ on-demand online courses available on Embodia:

Webinars and online courses on Embodia


What Happens After a Webinar?

Following webinars, we send out a follow-up email with information about where to find the recording, resources, and certificate of completion. 

If you were registered for the webinar you will see a grey notification box at the top of the webinar page which contains information about the post-webinar email. Here's an example of what that looks like:

Post-webinar email notification on Embodia


Live Webinars and Live Streams

Embodia reaches a global audience and therefore we are not all in the same time zone! We understand that the times of live webinars will not work for everyone. 

Therefore our free webinars are live-streamed to our YouTube channel here. You can subscribe to be notified when a new live stream has started. We will leave the live stream up for 48 hours to allow everyone a chance to watch it for free.


New Features for Webinars

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get into the 3 new features!

Embodia offers a wide range of free and paid live webinars. Sometimes a free webinar is extremely popular and the seats are filled within minutes. For example, Carolyn Vandyken's current webinar series 'Weird and Wonderful Strategies that EVERY Physio Should Know to Effectively Treat LBP' filled up and has a lengthy waitlist.

We then create a waitlist and ask those who can’t join live to cancel their registration. However, we often end up with a lengthy waitlist and many folks who have registered but don’t attend the live webinar.

So we are releasing a few new features to address this.


New Feature 1 - Attendance Rates:

This new feature is applicable to FREE webinars only.

This feature will restrict folks with low attendance rates from registering to free webinars. Those with low attendance rates to previous free webinars will only be able to register for future free webinars 12 hours ahead of time.

Not to worry though! Your attendance rate can change over time so if you currently have a poor attendance rate, you can simply improve it and the restriction will disappear.

With so many people on the waitlist for free webinars,  it is difficult to continue to allow folks to simply 'hold' seats because they are interested in a webinar but do not intend to show up. Therefore, precedence is given to those who plan to attend live and have a proven track record of doing so.

We heard from some of you that the reason that you register is so that you can download the webinar resources (available on webinar pages after registration) and receive the follow-up emails (sent after the webinar with relevant information, resources, and link to the on-demand course).

Therefore, we have released 2 more new features - the ability to download resources and receive follow-up emails without registering!


New Feature 2 - Webinar Resources 

On free webinar pages, the resources can now be downloaded without registration (so long as the instructor has provided permission). This can include resources such as slides or handouts.

This way, if you are watching the live stream on YouTube you can still download the resources without actually registering for the webinar! 


New Feature 3 - Follow-Up Emails

You can now also opt-in to receive the follow-up email without registering! If you are not registered, you will see this option on the page (you must be signed into Embodia):


Your Feedback is Welcome!

We hope you enjoy these new features and that they will help make your learning journey more accessible. As with everything on Embodia, these features will evolve over time as we receive feedback and observe how we can make them better!

-Your Embodia Team 

Questions or feedback? Please send us an email at 

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