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Yin Yoga: Learn Nine Popular Postures to Address Connective Tissue in the Hips, Low back, and Pelvis
By: Ross Cameron, MSc PT student

Have you heard of Yin yoga? In this style of yoga, positions (or postures) are held for longer periods of time. The positions can be held for minutes at a time, with the goal of increasing flexibility and mobility. The slower pace of Yin yoga lends itself to being more meditative in nature, allowing for participants to experience a relaxation response. With this being said, Yin yoga is not a restorative practice, as the connective tissues are still supporting the load of the body. It can address tightness in tissues in the hips, low back, and pelvic floor. Yin yoga has been proven to be an effective strategy for dealing with persistent pain in these regions.

Pelvic Health Solutions offers a practical online course, Resource Package: Yin Yoga - Addressing Connective Tissue Upregulation in the Hips, Pelvis and Low back, which informs practitioners and instructs patients on the practice of Yin yoga. The course is taught by Amber Morphy, a pelvic floor yoga specialist, and covers nine different postures. Over 5.5 hours of video are included, divided into videos for practitioners and videos for patients.

The videos for practitioners are meant to inform and educate clinicians on each of the postures. Course instructors describe the targeted tissues and benefits of each posture, then demonstrate the position with specific cues to watch for. Additionally, modifications to progress or regress the difficulty of postures are offered to help better tailor them to individual patients. The videos for practitioners are based on current best evidence surrounding Yin yoga and its influence on pelvic floor health and rehabilitation

The videos for patients are more instructive for following along, as the instructor demonstrates the postures and clearly explains terms in patient-appropriate language. Having video instructions allow for patients to quiet their mind and allocate a greater focus on their body’s sensations during each posture. These instructive videos can be seamlessly integrated into Embodia’s home exercise prescription for inclusion in treatment strategies. Patients can access these videos, track their progress, and make notes all from their computer or mobile device.

Additionally included are three 30-minute practices that have been developed by the course instructors to achieve specific goals. These practices are composed of sequences of postures, with video demonstrations and instructions to make it easy to follow along. The first practice focuses on the posterior chain and the anterior pelvic floor, the second practice focuses on the anterior chain and the posterior pelvic floor. The third practice is designed to create relaxing and restorative sensations to allow for a greater sense of rest.  

Below is a video for practitioners demonstrating the Frog posture, one of the nine postures discussed in the course. This video outlines the targeted muscles, benefits, and instructional points of the posture.


The next video is the video designed to instruct and demonstrate the Frog posture, for patients to follow along. Patients can access these videos for at-home practice for each of the nine postures covered in the course.

Click the link below to navigate to the course page. Here, you can continue to learn about Yin Yoga and how you can apply these techniques into your practice to help patients reduce stress, tension and pain.


Click Here for the Full Course

Carolyn Vandyken

Carolyn has practiced in orthopaedics and pelvic health for the past 33 years.She is a McKenzie Credentialed physiotherapist (1999), certified in acupuncture (2002), and obtained a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in 2017.

Carolyn received the YWCA Woman of Distinction award (2004) and the OPA Distinguished Education Award (2015). She has been heavily involved in post-graduate pelvic health education, research in lumbopelvic pain, speaking at numerous international conferences and writing books and chapters for the past twelve years in pelvic health, orthopaedics and pain science.

Her passion is to break down the silos that we live in as clinicians.

Amber Morphy
Pelvic Floor Yoga Specialist
Amber practices a variety of styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Moksha and Yin. Her passion is YIN! She received her Fitness Theory Course and Group Instructors certification through the YMCA and has also attained her CPTN Yoga instructors certification. In August 2009, she had the good fortune to travelling to British Columbia and received her YIN Yoga Teacher Trainer under the guidance of Bernie Clark.

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