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Clinic Academy on Embodia

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  • Introduction
  • Welcome to the Clinic Academy Guides
  • The different Clinic Academy plans
  • Getting started with your Clinic Academy
  • Clinic Academy branding
  • Managing your Clinic Academy
  • Adding your first course
  • Courses overview
  • Creating exercise/patient education templates for your Clinic Academy on Embodia
  • Attendees overview on a Clinic Academy
  • Course instructors
  • Course coupons
  • Getting paid - Stripe connect
  • Making a course available to members only
  • Editing your clinic portal homepage
  • Webinars
  • Introduction to Webinars on a Clinic Academy
  • Connecting your Zoom Webinar account
  • Adding your first webinar
  • Memberships
  • Setting up the membership for your Clinic Academy
  • Membership coupons
  • Memberships effect on courses and webinars
  • The patient experience
  • How your Community Accesses your Clinic Academy
  • The user experience on a Clinic Academy
  • Adding an existing patient to a course
  • Next Steps
  • How to get started with a Clinic Academy
  • Your input is valuable to us. Please share your feedback about this course
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