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Telerehabilitation on Embodia

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  • Introduction
  • Video tutorial: Welcome to Telerehabilitation on Embodia
  • Some legal considerations about telerehab on Embodia
  • Tips for running virtual consults
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Get Started
  • Activating your telerehab account
  • Connecting your own Zoom for Healthcare account to Embodia
  • Migrating to the new Zoom integration
  • Activating Google Meet
  • How do practitioners in your clinic activate their telerehab account
  • Embodia's telerehab troubleshooting
  • Embodia's Telerehab vs. Zoom for Healthcare vs. Google Meet: Which is right for you?
  • Consults
  • Scheduling an online consult
  • Starting the online consult
  • Cancelling a scheduled consult
  • Editing a consult
  • Viewing all consults scheduled for the future
  • Creating and managing consent forms
  • Attaching a consent form to a consult
  • Viewing a summary of your consults
  • Syncing consults to your calendar
  • Group telerehab on Embodia
  • Group consults
  • Feedback
  • Your input is valuable to us. Please share your feedback on this course
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