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Bulk additions to a course

Bulk additions allow you to add practitioners to one of your courses at a specific date. All practitioners can be added or you can choose to only add practitioners matching certain criteria.

Under the Courses and the Bulk Additions tabs, click on New Bulk Addition.

Select a course and fill in the form with the date and time you want the bulk addition to occur. Click on Proceed to confirmation.

In the confirmation page, you can select the criteria for matching practitioners that will be added to the course:

  • You can not specify any criteria to add all practitioners belonging to your platform
  • You can add one or multiple criteria by clicking on Add Criterion (box #1) and selecting a tag from the form

By default, the matching for tags is done via Has any of the following tags. You can change this by clicking on the Edit icon (box #2) and select another matching strategy (such as Has all of the following tags or Does not have any of the following tags).

To confirm the bulk addition, click on the Confirm bulk addition button (box #3).

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