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Creating a course track

As mentioned earlier, the default setting for listing courses is individually. Creating a course track will NOT change this setting, so you can safely experiment with creating course tracks before changing the default setting to list courses by course tracks.

To create a course track, navigate to your Private Academy. Note the All Tracks horizontal tab (box #1 in the image below); it is currently in the third position. This tab is only visible to you as the platform Admin. Click on it and then on Add Course Track (Box #2).

Fill in the form with the course track information and then click on Submit. To add courses to your track, click on Manage Courses.

In the course management page, you can add courses to your track by clicking on Add Course (box #1 in the image below) and selecting the course in the form. If you would like to change the order of the courses, click and hold the Handle icon (box #2 in the image below) and drag the row to the desired position.

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