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Dashboard overview

When you click on the My Platform tab in the sidebar, you will be redirected to your platform's dashboard. The platform dashboard consists of multiple horizontal tabs as outlined in the image below. We will go dive deep into each tab later in this course - below is a brief overview of each tab.

  1. The Practitioners tab allows you to manage who has access to your platform and Private Academy;
  2. The Tags tab allows you to manage the tags in your account. Tags are optional and can be used to provide better segmentation of your platform's members;
  3. The Courses tabs gives an overview of the courses belonging to your platform;
  4. The Course Instructors tab allows you to manage the information for the course instructors that are teaching your courses;
  5. The Stats tab shows you analytics for your platform;
  6. The Payments tab allows you to manage your payment information and access your receipts.
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