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Treatment Possibilities for Children with cDRA

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  • Welcome and Resources
  • Welcome!
  • The DRA protocol
  • Downloadable slides
  • References
  • Treatment Possibilities for Children with cDRA
  • Introduction
  • Additional Information (& Possible Relevance) of Research of People with Acquired DRA Since First cRDA Webinar
  • Are Outcome Consensus, Statements and Guidelines for Acquired DRA Relevant?
  • Outcome Polls, Flags and the Signs and Symptoms
  • Introducing Various European Methods; Content and Reasoning
  • Classifying & Assessing (Observe, Palpate, Test) & Explaining the Role of Tape
  • Case Examples: Clinical Reasoning, Goals and Treatment
  • Reflecting on my cRDA Journey so Far
  • Questions and Feedback
  • Feedback
  • Quiz
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