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Pain Science Division Student Forum

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  • Pain Science Division Student Forum
  • Welcome!
  • Introduction
  • How Can Patients Manage Pain?
  • How Do You Explain Pain to Your Patients?
  • How Do You Motivate Patients To Stay Active While Experiencing Pain?
  • What Guidance Do You Have For New Grads for Managing Complex Pain?
  • Can You Elaborate on the Importance of an Interdisciplinary Team for Managing Chronic Pain Cases?
  • What is the Role of Pain Neuroscience Education in the Treatment of Chronic Pain?
  • Where Do You Think The Field of Pain Science Will Expand to Next?
  • What is Your Advice for Managing Our Own Personal Baggage as Clinicians?
  • Do You Have Any Recommendations for Resources to Share with Patients, as Well as Students?
  • How Can We Support Our Patients Who Have Difficulties or Barriers Accessing Multiple Providers?
  • Feedback
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