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Welcome To The Course

Welcome to the online course A Field Guide to BPPV. We are excited that you have decided to take this course!

In this video we review what you can expect as you move through the online training. Whether treating BPPV is something new to you, or you have been treating this patient population for some time, this course was developed to be a "Go To" resource to improve your outcomes and patient satisfaction with treating BPPV.

We think of this course like a Swiss Army knife. These knives are great as they have multiple uses, but you will probably really only use one or two of the tools on a regular basis. It is, however, nice though to have access to the less used tools like the saw and scissors from time to time. 

Managing BPPV is no different. You will see a lot of canalithiasis of the posterior canal and will probably only use 1-2 tools consistently to address it. The odd time, however, you will need a different tool to treat BPPV and will be glad that you have it (this course) in your back pocket. 

With that being said, let's get started.

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