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Questionnaires on Embodia

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  • Getting started
  • Video tutorial: Introduction to Questionnaires on Embodia
  • Creating questionnaires - getting started
  • Managing questionnaires
  • Creating questionnaires
  • Creating questionnaires from a template
  • Creating questionnaires from scratch
  • Creating and using questionnaires as consent forms
  • Creating questionnaire groups
  • What questionnaire and outcome measure templates are available?
  • Can a patient upload a file?
  • Can a patient to draw on images?
  • Sharing questionnaires
  • Sharing questionnaires
  • Sharing questionnaire groups
  • Sharing recurring questionnaires
  • Diaries
  • Introduction to diaries
  • Bladder and Fibre diary
  • Diary questionnaires
  • Sending questionnaires as part of a consult
  • Sending questionnaires when a consult is booked
  • Setting a specific time when a questionnaire is sent
  • Viewing completed questionnaires of a consult
  • Your input is valuable to us. Please share your feedback on this course
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