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Telerehabilitation on Embodia

You can customize the emails that are sent to patients. This feature is available for both individual accounts and clinic accounts. 

There are 5 emails that may be sent to your patients and you can customize the language (English or French) and identifier (i.e. how to refer to the scheduled meeting - by default we use the word "consult"). The 5 automated emails are triggered based on any of the following specific actions:

  • Email to patient when the consult is created (scheduled);
  • Email to patient when the consult is updated (changes made to the consult);
  • Email to patient when the consult is cancelled;
  • Reminder sent one day ahead of the consult;
  • Reminder sent a few hours ahead of the consult.

Please note: If you do not customize any emails, the patient will still receive the automated emails listed above. If you want to turn off or change which emails your patients receive, please refer to this help article which will show you how to set up your consult settings.

A note about branding: By default, the branding displayed in your emails will be Embodia's branding. However, you can change this to your brand (and we strongly recommend that you do)! Learn how to add your branding on Embodia in this help article.


Email customizations for your clinic account vs. for your personal account

If you are a clinic manager, you can create clinic email customizations that will be available to everyone in your clinic. 
If you have a personal account, your email customizations will only be available for you, and you will not see the option to create clinic email customizations.

The steps to create email customizations are the same for both clinic and personal accounts, with one difference in where you navigate. This is outlined in greater detail below. 


Managing your email customizations 

To manage the email customizations, go to Consults > Settings > My email customizations (Clinic managers go For the clinic account > Clinic email customizations).

Customizable emails on Embodia


Here you will see a list of all of your customized emails. If you haven't created a customized email yet, the list will be empty. Click Add a new customization to get started.

Email customizations on Embodia

You will then see a page where you can edit your email customizations. This page is split into 2: on the left-hand side, you can give your email customization a name and make edits to it. On the right-hand side, you will be able to preview the different types of emails that may get sent to your patients.

Choose which email you would like to preview in the Select an email drop-down. Make edits on the left side of the page, and when you are ready click Save customization.

Note: You don't need to make an edit for every single email from the Select an email drop-down; any edits you make will be applied to all of the appropriate emails.

Customizable emails on Embodia

That's it! Your list of customized emails will be saved and sent to your patients for you.

Custom sections

You can add a custom section to your email customization with information you would like to communicate to your patient regarding the consult (i.e. any equipment needed).  

In the Custom sections box, click Add section.

Customizable emails on Embodia

Fill in the information for your custom section and click Save section.

Customizable emails on Embodia

You will now be able to see your custom section in the Email preview.

Note: Your custom section will be the last item in the email prior to your email signature. 

Customizable emails on Embodia


If you cannot see your custom section in the Email preview, please make sure that you are previewing a 'fitting' email. For example, a custom section will not appear in the 'Email sent to a patient when a consult is cancelled' as it would not be relevant. Embodia automatically excludes the non-pertinent sections for you, and adds them only when relevant to save you time!

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